Logo Design

For new companies or ones wanting to re-brand, we’ll design a stunning logo that visually represents your company.

Below are a few samples of the latest logos that we have designed.

Branding Package Design

We always design with your needs, your goal, your purpose in mind. The next step would be business cards and other print materials that will make your business look professional, polished and stand out. With a newly designed logo or a pre-existing logo we’ll create not only stunning business cards, but amazing letterhead, envelopes, notecards and more.

Contact us at 1.866.365.1800 for more information, pricing, package deals and any questions you may have on our branding package design.

Book Design

With multiple national design awards under our belt, and a proven track-record with major organizations, we can make any book look — and read — better than you expected. From novels to reference books and everything in between, we’ll design and layout your book withs style and clarity.

Contact us at 1.866.365.1800 for more information on our book design capabilities.

Magazine Design That Works.

We design magazines with a purpose: to keep the paying customers happy by drawing in that reader, over and over again.

And so we always design with your needs, your goal, your purpose in mind. (Beautiful design for design’s sake is nice, but that’s not what provides a return on your investment — it’s happy readers and advertisers.)

So, from the beginning, we keep the end in mind: how is your final product going to be produced? Does our design fit that purpose? Does the design also fulfill your ultimate goal, your broader organizational strategy? That — along with your peace of mind along the way — is ultimately all that matters.

Initial Template Design

When starting a new project, you need a template that is designed to pull those readers in, yet is flexible enough for your staff to eventually take over and run with. We’re not a large ad firm that’s going to charge you in the tens of thousands of dollars — since we specialize in document design, templates can be created efficiently, and therefore reasonably.

Monthly Magazine Production

Has your art director ever called in sick — really sick? Or perhaps you prefer to outsource everything and keep your fixed overhead low? Whatever the case, we can handle periodical publications … and we’re flexible about the pricing as well. So let us know what price-point you need to hit, and we’ll tell you if we can do it.

Ad Design and Production

We constantly hear “My art department doesn’t have enough time to create ads,” or “we don’t do spec ads,” or “who’s going to make this one little client change when we’re trying to get the magazine to press?!?” Don’t worry, The 28 Page Agency has created hundreds of ads, and is happy to take this burden off your art department. (We also have a special program for this coming soon — please contact us for details.)

Contact The 28 Page Agency today toll-free at 1.866.365.1800 for a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation.