About The 28 Page Agency

As with many design firms our story has progressed along with the times. We started our journey back in 1995, specializing in commercial print design. With a wide range of products offered, we kept busy while our clients stayed happy. The real success, though, was our calendars. So much so, that 6 years ago we created a sister company called The Calendar Factory. With the success of this business and requests for additional products, The Calendar Factory evolved into The 28 Page Agency, offering a focused group of products that incorporates beautiful design, affordable one-stop pricing, and excellent service. We specialize in websites, calendars and print design.


What makes us different? Our unique value comes from six characteristics that form the foundation of our business:


1) Focusing on Results

Great design is not only about creating beauty, but about creating visuals that meet the communication goals of our clients. So before beginning any significant design project we strive to understand the needs and desired outcome of the product or business. Only then can we deliver a successful design. We’re committed to delivering the results, not just promises, so keeping the end in mind is (and will remain) our primary value.


2) Service

Delivering the best results is great, but delivering those results to you in a simple, painless, and fun manner is much better. You can count on excellent service from The 28 Page Agency, which doesn’t just end when the project design is done. You get continued service far beyond a delivered product. We want your journey to be simple, so consider us your guide.


3) Product Focused

Design and web creation have traditionally been a service business. And that will always remain. But we feel we can simplify the process, reduce prices, and offer better knowledge by limiting the amount of services we offer, and treating these services as “products.” In choosing to “productize” what we do, we can have price lists, specialized work-flows, limited overhead, and expert knowledge… and essentially offer you a much better result, often at a lower price.


4) Process

In many design agencies, traditional ad firms and printshops, it’s difficult to have a specific process for each project. Why? Because often they’ll go from placing a television campaign, to laying out a magazine ad, to sourcing radio time… making it impossible to narrow down a specific process. Too many products. In our calendar business, we realized we needed systems in place to make sure we didn’t print a calendar with the wrong dates, and to avoid a world of other potential pitfalls. So we developed checklists and technological automation in order to streamline the process. We now have specific processes in place for each of our products, which delivers you more accurate designs, at a lower cost.


5) Planned for Production

Over the years, we’ve heard numerous stories of the unfortunate client who got an amazing design, yet it couldn’t be printed or didn’t function on the web correctly. This, of course, is the mark of an inexperienced design firm. Before creating any design at The 28 Page Agency, we make sure that we truly understand the production specifications. Only then do we begin creating the artwork. This helps avoid late or over-budget projects and saves you from a headache in the long run.


6) Size Matters

We’re not a huge design firm, nor are we work-alone designers, which is good because we don’t want to be. (Not that they’re bad, but that’s just not our niche.) We’re a small design firm; large enough to be professional, be available, and get the job done; and small enough that you can always talk with the art director. Size does matter.



If you value these characteristics, call The 28 Page Agency today toll-free at 1.866.365.1800 for a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation.